The journey to goal success


I have been sharing a series of steps with you. If you aren’t subscribed and would like to follow along, the links are included below.

Part 4: Achieve your goals

Part 3: Setting your vision

Part 2: Solving for …

Part 1: What are you trying to solve?

In the previous newsletter (part 4) you looked at your Current Reality and Future Vision for your goal/s. If you understand these two perspectives the question is how do I achieve goal success?

Most people I go through this goal-setting process with, believe that they have all the steps they need. They share a list with me of all the tasks. I often refer to this as a shopping list. If you have a list of tasks, can you answer why you are doing each one of those tasks?

I want you to think of the journey towards celebrating the success of your goal achievement. If you were traveling from Cape Town to Johannesburg there would be a number of towns that you would go through or pass on your way there. You might also need to take alternative routes. If you plan out the entire journey you leave little room for adjustment when required.

An approach that is milestone by milestone (town by town) allows you to amend the process if you need. It also stops you from feeling overwhelmed and allows you time to reflect on your progress.

Here is an example:

From the table above you can see that I have not fully populated all the actions. When I have completed the “Research options” milestone I will specify the actions next to the following milestone. The milestone names are examples of this goal. You should set your own milestones. Remember that it is also important to celebrate. I should have an idea of what a celebration will look like for this goal.

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