Setting your vision


I have been sharing a series of steps with you. If you aren’t subscribed and would like to follow along, the links are included below.

Part 2: Solving for …

Part 1: What are you trying to solve?

In the previous newsletter (part 2) you took time to reflect on your list and categorize the items into which areas would be most suitable to set Primary Goals.

We now have three areas to work with. Let’s now work out the goal for each of those areas. We are looking to set goals that are really inspiring, that would really challenge you, but that also are achievable within the timeframe we agree. We also want each goal to have a measure so that we both know when the goal has been achieved.

Which area would you like to set a goal in first?

  • So if you could have anything in x months in this area what would it be?

  • What is your vision in this area x months from now?

  • What do you see as possible in this area x months from now?

  • What could be an exciting goal in that area?

  • What would you like to be different in that area x months from now?

  • What is your vision for this area of your work or life in x months’ time?

  • What do you see, feel and/or hear in this vision?

  • What would happen if you achieved that?

Can you pull all of those thoughts together into one sentence?

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