Achieve your goals


I have been sharing a series of steps with you. If you aren’t subscribed and would like to follow along, the links are included below.

Part 4: Set your goals

Part 3: Setting your vision

Part 2: Solving for …

Part 1: What are you trying to solve?

In the previous newsletter (part 4) we set your goals. Transforming your goals into something inspiring every time you say it is an important part of connecting with your vision. An example would be a health goal to lose weight. Each morning you wake up you are not energized by activities that help you accomplish weight loss. You are energized by picturing yourself having achieved the results. We refer to this as your shined goal. It is what we connect with emotionally and motivates us to take action.

Once we have identified our goals it is important to look at Where I am now (current reality) and Where I want to be (future vision). Without understanding these two perspectives well, we are not in a position to move forward. Achieving your goals is not about having a task list and ticking off items each day, it is about being able to connect those tasks (actions) to WHY you are doing them. Are they bringing about the significant change you are looking for?

Here is a template that you can use. Understanding the two perspectives mentioned above helps us see the gap. Then we can start answering the question “How do I get there?”

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