Solving for ...


In the previous newsletter, we started gathering our thoughts about what is important to us in our life. You have your list … now what?

Read your entire list, is there anything else? Is there something you have always dreamed of doing? What would you like to see in your life that is currently not there? Take some time to reflect.

It is important to choose areas that are significant and worthwhile, as you will be working on them with an accountability partner for the next three (3) or six (6) months.

  • Take 10 minutes

  • Looking at your list, using YES, indicate which areas you think are significant.

  • Using OK, indicate which areas you think are structured.

  • Are there any items on your list that you are unsure about? Mark as MAYBE.

  • Are there areas that are obviously linked or common?

  • Do you think setting a goal in one area would result in the other area being taken care of?

Taking the time to reflect on your list and categorize the items gives us insight into which areas would be most suitable to set Primary Goals.

Wanting to fast-track the goal-setting process? Schedule a call and we can discuss.