Set your goals


I have been sharing a series of steps with you. If you aren’t subscribed and would like to follow along, the links are included below.

Part 3: Setting your vision

Part 2: Solving for …

Part 1: What are you trying to solve?

In the previous newsletter (part 3) you took time to set your vision. So let’s recap. We know which areas in your life you have prioritized to focus on. You have set your vision in each area. Let’s set our goals.

Here are some examples:

  • Taken a leadership position in another division

  • Find a hobby I love to do every weekend

  • Plan set for my career transition

  • Hit the gym at 6 am every weekday

  • Effective support systems in place

  • Be in a committed loving relationship

  • Publisher secured for my book

  • Halve my stress levels

  • Donate to a charity monthly

Think of your goals in the short-term, 3-months, and 6-months. What significant change can you bring about if you focus on these goals over the next period?

How can we transform your goals so that it inspires you every time you say it?

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