The SHiFT 10-day challenge is back!


Last weekend saw me taking on a physical and mental challenge in the Karoo. For those interested to read more about our adventures, here is the link

This week feels like it has whizzed past. The 10-day SHiFT Challenge is back! You can sign up and complete the challenge when you are ready. No need to wait for specific start dates. Thanks to the incredible guys at Web-Telecoms helping us to build the automation. 

GET YOUR TICKET NOW! The 10 Day SHiFT Challenge is back!

Do you ever feel like there are things in your life you never get to? That book you have been meaning to read, try meditation, that yoga or fitness class you have been wanting to take, or the blog you have been wanting to write that has been on the backburner for ages?

If the answer is yes, this challenge is for you!

A way to get going in some of those zones or an opportunity to try something new. Taking the first small steps on creating meaningful change in your life!

Our hope is that this challenge will be a springboard into creating change and a lasting impact in your life. It is the first in a series of challenges designed to facilitate personal growth, ignite your curiosity and lead to an overall sense of well-being.

Get your ticket now -

See you next week,