Have you been told that your behaviours are self-sabotaging at times? After a difficult weekend with mixed emotions, it was time for my curiosity to explore this topic in more detail. I came across a book called The Mountain is You by Brianna Wiest and the first few chapters have really got me thinking.

“THERE IS NOTHING HOLDING you back in life more than yourself.

If there is an ongoing gap between where you are and where you want to be—and your efforts to close it are consistently met with your own resistance, pain, and discomfort—self-sabotage is almost always at work.”

Self-sabotage is what happens when we refuse to consciously meet our innermost needs, often because we do not believe we are capable of handling them. Sometimes, our most sabotaging behaviours are really the result of long-held and unexamined fears we have about the world and ourselves. Self-sabotage comes from our belief systems. How is your belief system limiting you from achieving your potential?

There are so many powerful extracts in this book. If you are curious to learn more about self-sabotage and how they relate to your own behaviours, I highly recommend The Mountain is You by Brianna West.