The theme of my shares this week has been about psychological safety and trust. I recently completed a course on personal protection. One of my social drivers is a need for certainty. Asking questions helps me fend off my anxious brain.

I realise that my perceived vulnerabilities often have to do with not shifting my perspective and planning my next course of action.

Attending the course we had to list our top 3-5 vulnerabilities. By the end of the course, we checked in with our plan of action to mitigate each one of those vulnerabilities. We were taught that we are in the green zone now and can use our knowledge to make decisions, prepare and practice for an emergency.

How often do you spend time on your personal safety? Do you go through life's reality unprepared with an expectation of what should happen in the case of an emergency?

Often we put too much trust in others. Instead of making assumptions and living in the hope that things will work out, audit your personal safety. I feel empowered with new knowledge which I am putting into action.

I can highly recommend