In 2020 I embraced many learning opportunities and one of them was getting involved with Purpose Alliance specifically in the Future of Work in South Africa. Through this initiative, I met many individuals who were aligned on making a difference in this world. Many topics were explored in different streams and relationships established through networking.

The team from Democratising Entrepreneurship led by Craig Terblanche was one that often perked my interest by the value that they continue to share. I joined in one of the masterclasses, The Realization Reboot - RE-FOCUS by Lloyd Ripley-Evans. Lloyd asks you to write down broad ideas and definitions of success, what it means and what you think contributes to this meaning of succes. Take a few minutes to watch this video.

For many perspectives have shifted since we were forced into slower pace. Take some time to refocus on what success means to you. Have there been dramatic shifts in where you find yourself versus what you had envisioned for 2020 and beyond?

Are these shifts meaningful? Do you need to explore them in more depth?

Gavin Oattes has released a new book called Life Will See You Now. Gavin encourages us to find the fun. Go outside, take a deep breathe and remember who you are. Interested to know more? I have added this book to my reading list.

See you next week,