Motivation is defined as a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way. A recent question posed to me is How do athletes stay motivated if there are no events to train for. Covid-19 has had an adverse effect on many industries. Many sporting events have had to be cancelled or postponed.

Athletes who are intrinsically motivated participate in sports for internal reasons, such as enjoyment, whereas athletes who are extrinsically motivated participate in sports for external reasons, such as material rewards.

There have been a number of different proposed theories to explain intrinsic motivation and how it works. Some experts believe that all behaviour is driven by external rewards, such as money, status, or food. In intrinsically motivated behaviours, the reward is the activity itself.

In response to the question, I would suggest that you reflect on why you are participating in the activity. What is it about an event that you are missing? Do your goals always have to be event-based?