Growth Zones


Grant and I met during our Results Training course. He was qualifying to become a Wellness Coach and I was eager to add coaching to my skillset. What type of coach I wanted to be wasn’t clear. Wellness has been a focus in my own journey.

A side project for us was SHiFT your Perspective. We defined 10 growth zones that we thought would be helpful to get started or restarted.

The zones are

  • Movement

  • Mindfulness

  • Gratitude Journalling

  • Decluttering

  • Breathing

  • Creativity

  • Cold Showers

  • Giving & Generosity

  • Reading

  • Microhabit

If you are keen to try the 10-day challenge you can use the following coupon code 2E9T3YAG to access the challenge for FREE. This coupon is valid for July 2021 only.

Have you identified any growth zones you need to work on? Mine is Movement. With us frequently sitting while working remotely we are not incorporating enough movement into our day. Foundation training is a great way to built strength. Got 60 secs? Try this exercise.

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