Getting my own results

Firstly thank you to everyone that is taking the time to read my posts, follow me, and comment. I appreciate the engagement. At first, I thought to start a business in October was nuts as the quiet time of the year was approaching. I was still adamant that I would be 50m down the 100m stretch by the time everyone started their year. My planning was done and it was time to start executing.

So let me share a story with you about getting my own results and applying the coaching methodology I have been taught. See coaches grow during their own journeys and also those with their clients. In July 2018 when I started the Results System Coaching course we had many opportunities to practice the new skills taught. During our practice sessions, we started setting goals. I was fully engaged and allowing myself to be authentic and not come up with made-up suggestions. I was applying this to my own life. As we continued to embark on the process I realized that what was seemingly a homework exercise spoke a lot more truth to what I was setting out to achieve. My journey towards achieving my own goals had started. Even though at first I didn’t take it so seriously over the following 12 weeks as we built on each week with the new skills I started to really engage with my goals.

Using the Results Coaching methodology we set 3 inspiring goals. These goals are SMART.

Specific – so you know exactly what you are trying to achieve

Measurable – so you know when you have achieved it

Action-oriented – so you can do something about it

Realistic – so it is achievable

Time-Bound – has a deadline

We also shine our goals. Once you have set your goals for a 3-month or 6-month period we reflect on what your celebration would look like. So in 3 months’ time, we are sitting at the promenade sipping your favorite drink and celebrating your success. If you could encapsulate how you feel in a newspaper headline what would it say?

Here are my shined goals

– Happier, radiant self

– New size 12 jeans

– Loved, connected family

Each one of these shined goals is underpinned by SMART Goals, Milestones, and Actions.

So what would YOU get if you started the coaching process?

During our first meeting, we would uncover all the areas of your life (personal and professional) that are important to you. We would work through a Refining, Defining, and Shining process to create your 3 Inspiring Goals. During our second meeting, we will start to define the milestones along your journey to achieving your goals. We will then set the actions for the first milestone per goal. You will commit to these actions and we will schedule our follow-up meeting. During the follow-up meeting, we will start tracking your progress.

I am looking forward to connecting with you and showcasing the value of Results Coaching.