Do you stand out from the crowd?

A definition of Average is “having qualities that are seen as typical of a particular person, group, or thing.”

Do you find yourself doing routine things that are typical of particular people or groups around you? An example is a large majority of people all commuting to work during peak hour. All sitting in their cars either listening to the radio, talking to someone on their mobile phones, or enjoying the beautiful scenery that surrounds them.  Some even applying their makeup or the luckier few sharing stories and riding together.

Recently I have been wondering whether being part of the flock feels average. The differentiation is in the detail – where you are going, what work you do, how you spend your time, and many more aspects.

I found this interesting blog post I want to share with you written by Brianna Wiest who is the author of SALT WATER.

“Salt Water is Brianna Wiest’s debut poetry book. Gracefully touching on the issues of self-awareness, wholeness and what it takes to reconcile with yourself, her prose artfully illustrates how healing helps us to actualize our latent potential and bring us into a greater awe for the universe that we are so irrevocably connected to.”

Here is the link to the article Brianna West wrote called” The Problem With Average Not Being Good Enough”

To highlight some of the aspects she covers that resonate with me …

“But we’re expected to play different roles. Live different lives depending on the company we’re keeping. External validation is the most immediate gratification, and we’re still at its whim almost every day.

Growth is not perfectionism. Happiness is not perfectionism. Growth means to bloom where you are planted. Happiness is to be enamoured by the plant. To be doing what most others are isn’t subpar.”