Customer Service

This post is inspired by sitting in a waiting room for 3h45 already. I needed repairs done to my car and had diagnostics done upfront to confirm what parts are required with approval to order. Being told that these parts normally arrive the same day, I allow 2 days before returning early in the morning for the actual repairs.

Heading off to a local Vida for a great cup of coffee and catching up on some much-needed work with a single charge of my battery, it’s Friday, what could go wrong. It will only take 1 hour to repair once the parts arrive …. And we wait … And we wait.

At this point, I have had to replenish my data and my laptop battery is running low. I have sorted through all the slips in my wallet and started organizing my Google Drive. I have had an exceptionally productive morning even if things haven’t worked out according to my plan. Another reminder of what you can control versus what you can’t.

What was most concerning was that on arrival this morning the sales representative did not even recognize me and neither had they bothered to phone to let me know that the parts have not arrived and I should not bother to come in today. Would have saved a lot of time and disappointment in a service.

What type of service do you deliver to your clients? Is it one that creates frustration or a world-class experience that makes them sing your praises and refer others to you? If you have not mapped out your customer journey, I suggest you take the time to do so and see where possible improvements in your offering can add value to your client.

If you require assistance, Brandlove has great offerings to teach you the required skills to define and review your customer journey. So before I head off to Hello Peter and never want to do business with this establishment again … I take the time to share my experience with you.

The good news is they close at 2 pm on a Friday so if the parts have not arrived by 1 pm… there is no need for me to wait any longer.