I was once told that managing change for others around you is one of the hardest things to do. The change that you choose to embark on has a ripple effect on everyone around you.

You have your own thoughts and emotions to work through related to the change and then you have others’ concerns or fears which are direct input into your process. Remaining calm amidst all the input is often difficult. It is important to try and anchor yourself.

The ripple effect of change is a normal phenomenon and one that many people find uncomfortable. Why? Because these changes may happen outside of your control.

If you are leading the change here are a few things you can consider in your approach.

Sharing your plan - communicate through the change process. Sharing the big picture will settle fears.

Prepare for the change - take the time to think through all the aspects and document the action steps you need to take.

Act decisively - listen to concerns/comments/objections and take action with confidence.

Recognize the challenges others face - consider rejigging the plan. Be open to feedback and other insights.

Keep the momentum - maintain momentum and leverage off systems you put in place to avoid panic.