I started a new week with an interrupted routine. Our brains crave certainty and one of my motivators is the need for structure. You can learn more about your social motivation by completing the SCARF Assessment.

The SCARF® Model assesses the differences in people’s social motivation. Some people are more sensitive to status threat and rewards, others to certainty and relatedness. Having SCARF needs satisfied drives engagement and retention.

How do you set yourself up for the week ahead? Or are you a go-with-the-flow type of person? Chatting to a coachee this week we discussed overwhelm, structure, routine, and energy management.

Dr. Ela Manga published a book called Breathe. In this book, she shares more about energy management. My question was what recovery loops are you including in your day that supports your energy management?

BREATHE: Strategising Energy in the Age of Burnout provides practical and accessible tools. It teaches the reader to move through the intensity of life without getting caught up in the chaos of it.

BREATHE brings awareness to the basic laws and principles of energy by weaving together the science of western medicine, neuroscience, and eastern philosophy. It is the crystallisation of Dr Ela Manga’s experience and insights gained in the cutting-edge science of mindfulness-based energy management. It is relevant for anyone who faces the challenge of supporting health and meaningful relationships while pursuing their passion and vocation.

A simple task you can complete is to list all the activities in your day. Add a UP arrow next to the items that energize you and a DOWN arrow next to the items that deplete your energy. At the end of the day review the list. Do your DOWN arrows supersede your UP arrows? What can you add to your day that will uplift you? What are the things that you enjoy doing? Take some time to reflect.

See you next week,